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About Us
The Blunham Playing Field Association (BPFA) is a registered charity (Charity Number 300009) with the purpose of managing the Blunham Playing Fields on behalf of the public and the villagers of the parish of Blunham. A group of trustees manage the playing fields on behalf of the villagers to maintain the area for the general public.

The BPFA is run by a group of Trustee’s, who are elected at our Annual General Meeting.

The AGM will be held over zoom on Wednesday 21st April 2021. We encourage new trustees to join us and get involved, everyone is welcome.

Blunham Playing Fields Association began back in December 1957 when the conveyance was signed. This was thanks to the many years of hard fundraising from the villagers, who started to raise funds back in 1949, to purchase the land. Back then the village was a third of what it is now, the villagers mostly worked on the land, but they continued year after year to raise funds.

After 8 years of events such as fetes, bingo, dances and darts tournaments, they tried anything to bring the village together in order to raise the money to purchase the land.

It was a stipulation for the first General Management Committee to become a Charity which happened back in September 1958.

In 1961, the 1st pavilion, a wooden structure was purchased and erected on the field in the current position of the present pavilion.

The BPFA and BCC then began the task of converting the agricultural land into the playing field you see today along with the cricket square – this took many hours of voluntary work and continual fund raising over many years.